Eastern White Pine Flooring

Additional Information

 White pine is a great choice for those seeking a beautiful, but less expensive flooring. Not only is a pine floor attractive, but it offers an affordable alternative to more expensive hardwoods. Because pine trees grow tall and straight; longer, wider planks could be cut, making it a favorite flooring since Europeans first arrived. Although pine wood is soft, it will harden with age. As it is walked on, the fibers compress and become hard. The wood itself is typically light in color but darkens with age. It takes stain well and can easily be finished to your liking. Despite its lower price, when treated and carefully installed, pine offers a beautiful, high quality flooring option. 

Like most flooring dealers, we offer basic flat sawn white pine, however, we specialize in vertical grain pine flooring, also known as quarter sawn. A quarter sawn pine floor from Native Lumber is a one of-a-kind, stand out floor. Besides beauty, quarter sawn flooring, when properly installed has virtually no movement at any time of the year. You will not find this type of flooring anywhere but at Native Lumber, the home of the quarter sawn king! Quarter sawn flooring is by special order.

Native Lumber offers pine flooring in widths of 6”–12” and lengths up to 16’. We also offer King’s board flooring, 14”-24” in width by special order only.

One look at one of our floors and you know it is a hand crafted, custom-made floor!