White Oak Flooring

 White oak floors are known for their beauty, durability, strength, resistance to wear, and ease of care. It is one of the easiest woods to work with and takes finish well. White oak is slightly harder than red oak. The white oak growing in the Hudson Valley and northern Catskills, produces the finest looking white oak in the country. The trees here grow much slower, giving them a much tighter grain and deeper rich vanilla coloring, that when oiled turns to an illustrious honey color.

We offer the white oak in flat sawn and quarter sawn. Here at Native Lumber we specialize in quarter sawn wood which is a special technique of sawing a log so that it exposes the radiation rays referred to as fleck. This gives the wood an amazing 3-D effect and its own custom look. Besides beauty, quarter sawn flooring, when installed properly has virtually no movement at any time of the year. Quarter sawn flooring is by special order. Quarter sawn flooring is by special order.

We specialize in producing handpicked, flat sawn, character grade floors that are wide and long. Width sizes range 4”–6” wide and all of our flooring lengths are long length, 8’–16’ long. One look at one of our floors and you know it is a hand crafted, custom-made floor!