Red Oak Flooring

 A red oak floor is spectacular! Red Oak gets its name from the soft pink hue of its wood and is an excellent choice for flooring as it is both attractive and strong. Red Oak is popular for flooring because it takes stain and finishes very nicely.

Native Lumber sells only vertical grain, quarter sawn red oak flooring in 4”-6” and 8”–10” width when available or by special order. Quarter sawn wood is a special technique of sawing a log so that it exposes the radiated rays referred to as fleck. This gives the wood an amazing 3-D effect and its own custom look. Besides beauty, quarter sawn flooring, when installed properly has virtually no movement at any time of the year. Quarter sawn Red Oak is a must see!! Quarter sawn flooring is by special order.

One look at one of our floors and you know it is a hand crafted, custom-made floor!