Hard Wood Flooring


If you are in the market for a custom, one-of-a-kind, elegant hardwood floor, then Native Lumber has what you are looking for. Whether its white oak, red oak or eastern white pine flooring, our finely crafted hardwood flooring will give your home the beauty and quality you desire.

Native Lumber specializes in custom hardwood floors made from locally selectively harvested and storm damaged trees brought in by regional tree service companies. From start to finish, we do everything on site. We begin by sawing the logs into boards, then dry them in our kiln to a moisture content of 6-8%, and finally tongue and grove the boards so they are ready for installation.

We offer 4 - 6” flat sawn and, when available 8 - 10” wide plank. We specialize in vertical grain, quarter sawn flooring, making us the home of the quarter sawn king! Quarter sawn wood is a special technique of sawing a log so that it exposes the radiation rays referred to as fleck, which gives the wood an amazing 3-D effect. This gives each floor its own custom look. The other benefit of quarter sawn flooring is that when installed properly it has virtually no movement at any time of the year.


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