Black Locust for Decks, Post & Furniture


Black Locust

Black Locust is known as the 100-year wood because it is a natural rot-resilient wood. This resistance is due to the naturally occurring oils, making this species unique in its own right. Before the advent of pressure treated wood, farmers would use Black Locust for fence post. Today, people are rediscovering this old wisdom as an option to chemically treated wood. 

Native Lumber has been offering Black Locust for the last 20 years. It is difficult to work with but its longevity, along with unique color and graining is like no other wood. It is the best sustainable alternative for outdoor lumber applications. It is can be used as an alternative to Epi wood, which is harvested from the rainforest or pressure treated southern yellow pine.

Native Lumber only offers Black Locust in sawed lumber, not round stock because our timber harvesters only harvest selective mature trees.

Popular usage includes:

5/4 random length decking

Horse fencing

Fence posts

Other applications:

Compost boxes

Raised garden beds



Garden pathways